Photo Walk

On July 18th I partook in Scott Kelby’s 2nd Annual Photo Walk. There were about 30ish people that signed up in Greensboro NC. We all met at City Park in downtown Greensboro at 5pm then set off meandering around downtown with our cameras. We attracted many strange looks from people wondering why so many of us were out and about with cameras. After a couple hours we met back up at Cafe Europa to compare images and see who had the “winning” image. This photo walk is also a contest. I ordered a lovely steak with a red wine sauce of some kind. Wish I had taken a picture of it to remember now. Thought I would share the two images I chose from my city walkabout. Here is the site where all the Greensboro images are located:
About 32,600 people took part in this walk all over the world. Its great to think about so many people, whether professional or enthusiast, getting together on the same day to document their city through their eyes. Lots of fun, looking forward to next years.

Downtown Greensboro Building



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