Nicole & Eric

So now I have moved to Raleigh to enjoy the city life!  If you live in a big city don’t laugh.  I’m not from the sticks but I live in NC for now….so it is.  Anyhow I had the pleasure of visiting Carrboro again.  The best french restaurant there is called Provence.  I love it!  It is a renovated home which creates wonderful food.  And there is a Army/Navy antique surplus store there from which I bought an old window.  It will  soon turn into a picture frame as soon as I decide on the images.  However, I digress.  Last month I had the opportunity to meet with a great couple to shoot their engagement photo while wandering around Carrboro. We started off at the Carr Mill Mall which we were ushered away from and finished at the  the UNC Chapel Hill arboretum.  Their names are Nicole and Eric and I will photographing their wedding on May 29th.  In my opinion it is the best time of the year since my birthday is 3 days before.  Again, digressing!  Imagine if you were actually inside my mind!  So, I met Nicole last year while photographing another wedding in Chapel Hill.  I am at a  church, camera in hand/around neck and someone, who I assume is involved in the wedding I am photographing, comes to me and asks if I am a photographer.  Nowadays everyone has a camera, so from her perspective I understand why she asked the question.  But my immediate reaction to her question was just to be at a loss for words.  I reply and of course tell her I am.  After a couple emails and a meeting I become her photographer.  Here are a few images from the  engagement shoot.


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