Simply Scrumptious!

This week will be a treat…..well several to be exact.  I had the opportunity to photograph some delectable items from Simply Scrumptious Bakeshop.  Julie Watson is the genius behind every flavor here.  Now I am not a huge dessert person, I have select favorites and those I stick to but thankfully Julie makes some of them and makes them well.   I first fell in love with Julie’s truffles.  She is a chocolate genius!  These little gems do take some time and make a bit of a mess but the people want them so Julie regularly finds herself elbow deep in chocolate (that may be a slight exaggeration on my part).  I’ve witnessed  this mess  because I’ve helped her by “sprinkling” her truffles with what toppings she deems complimentary based on the truffle flavor  (this help may have been given with a slight stipulation of a truffle or two in exchange).  Now I am not a fan of oreos, however, I adore her oreo truffles!  I do believe they are the perfect balance for my need to have a little something sweet without being too rich.

Here I am spending all this time telling you about these truffles when that is just a small part of all the different items that are created at Simply Scrumptious Bakeshop.  Any need for a cake, for a wedding, birthday or any other reason one eats cake?  Well let them eat cake should be part of the mantra at SSB (new short for Simply Scrumptious Bakery).  Because cakes are created and in a variety of different flavors.

The rest of the SSB menu includes cheesecake (again in many different flavors), breakfast breads, tarts, cookies and other desserts based on what is in season.   Which brings me to the last tidbit about SSB.  Local and fresh ingredients are used to make all her treats.  The flour is from Lindley Mills in Graham, NC.  The eggs are from Massey Creek Farms.  And the dairy items from Maple View Farms in Hillsborough NC.

So where can you get your mouth around some of these deserts below? Living in Greensboro North Carolina definitely helps.  The “headquarters” are located within a great little restaurant in Greensboro called Basil’s & Co.  Within Greensboro some items can also be found at Sweet Basil’s Restaurant and Rioja A Wine Bar.   If you happen to be in Durham then drop by Beyu Cafe for a truffle or piece of cake.

For any other info about SSB please visit


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