Nicole & Eric’s Wedding and the Mirror

I met Nicole over a year ago while photographing another wedding.  Long story short, after meeting and talking about what she needed and wanted in her wedding photographer, I was officially booked.  So the day finally arrived, May 29th 2010.  Everything went quite smoothly.  The colors she had chosen were great.  The bridesmaid wore turquoise dresses with coordinating  jewelry they had made while visiting a  bead shop in Carrboro.  The flowers were mixed spring flowers, simple and elegant.  The men were in tan suits which complemented the dresses so well and were fitting for the environment of the reception.  

I had noted that day was one of the more humid ones we had had so far but we were not outside to long so that was okay.  Towards the end of the reception something…….mmm “happened” to my camera.  I could not see through the lens at one point  and turning it on and off did not remedy the problem.  I decided to take a break while the dance floor had thinned a bit.  I remove my lens and look inside to find the mirror inside my camera body was, well, it was not where it was supposed to be!  It was still whole but not attached to anything anymore.  This is a bad thing to have happen…just to clarify.   I had my backup camera of course but still.  Just because you have two arms doesn’t mean you are okay with one breaking.  It made me a little sick.  I hadn’t done anything wrong, no dropping of or swearing at it.  What in the world?  

The next day I consulted my good friend Google and he told me a little story.  Apparently this little issue is fairly common with the first generation Canon 5d.  So Canon sent me a fedex label, prepaid.  All I had to do was box it up and wait for my camera to return me.  It has, and it is working marvelously.  So the moral is the story is always have a backup camera.  It is not a luxury it is a necessity!  

Here is a tiny glance at some of the images from the day.  



















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