Hydrangea, Daisies and a Frog

This series of photos first started with a little thievery from my mother’s front yard (relax, she knew about it and encouraged it, which then I suppose no longer makes it thievery…..hmmm, sounds less exciting now).  I love flowers which I suppose makes me a typical girl but I’m not.  Who can’t love flowers?  I am not the best at arranging them in my opinion therefore when I discovered the hydrangea I fell in love.  It is a  bouquet on a stem arranged by nature.  Perfect!  They also last a long time after being cut.  I had this stem for at least two weeks before it started to get wilting flowers.  So since I had a need to test out my camera after coming back from its revamp from Canon and wanted to have a way to keep this bouquet alive forever I took a few photos.  I also included a few daisies from the yard in a small San Pellegrino bottle.   I never told the hydrangea this but I ended up liking the daisy photos better….shhhh;).

That evening I had a little visitor from the large pond at the back of the house.  These guys come up a lot when I leave my porch light on.  They know that is where the action will be bug wise.  I actually had one come in and climb up one of my walls one night.  That was the last time I left the door open at night for my cat.  I initially thought it was a large insect when I saw it from across the room in dim light.  I’ve recovered from that scare.  So with my flash still set up on a stand with a beauty dish attached I captured the last few photos.  Anyone ever heard of a beauty dish being used for frog photography?  Well now you have.


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