New Home, New Name

It has been a few weeks since I found Nutkin.  Since calling Wanda, an individual experienced in squirrel care, I have had the opportunity to visit Nutkin on a weekly basis.  Don’t get me wrong I did want to keep him but I was concerned that he might take a turn for the worse since he was so young and I did not have the knowledge or resources to take proper action.  But thankfully I did find Wanda and she has been so gracious as to let me come visit and document Nutkin’s progress.  I’m fairly certain I am the only person who has given her a squirrel and comes to visit it.  I’m a little strange like that.

First update, Nutkin has been renamed Rico.  A little difficult for me to remember for some reason but I figure Nutkin can be his nickname for me only.  Next update, he has a roommate about his age, a little girl named Viviana.  Possible future girlfriend?  This made me happy since his litter mate died.  He started off with Wanda needing a little specialized care which again makes me glad I brought him to her.  He was dehydrated and needed to be given fluids.  He is still skinnier than Viviana but I think she came in better shape.

Things I learned during my rescue and visits.  First thing you do after ascertaining the mom is not in the area is to get the baby some heat.  They do not regulate their body temp for the first 6 weeks or so and need some warmth.   If you do not have a heating pad or water bottle you can use uncooked rice placed in something like a sock and heat it in the microwave.  Don’t do it for too long though.  The rice retains the heat better and when it does cool it won’t take heat away the way water does.  Next call an expert.  Thank goodness for my iphone.  I googled “vet” I believe and found a nearby exotic animal vet.  I thought they would be able to help me better than a regular vet.  They gave me the number to an animal rehab that in turn gave me the number to several regular type people that have decided they want to care for rescued animals and have taken classes and received training. Finally do not give them cow’s milk!

Now enough of my chatter and on to the best bit…the photos!

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