Visit Four then Off to Savannah

Now I have to forewarn you that the following images are extremely cute…..(and now you’ve stopped reading to go see them).  Oh well.  Nutkin officially looks like a squirrel now.   The photos of him on the white blanket were when I first woke him and he is desperately seeking some milk from the blanket as he tends to do.  This day he decided to take make that high-pitched chirp that I had tried to make him do when I first found him to try to call his mother.  Ouch.  His vocal cords are sure developing well.  He tends to sometimes do this when he is going to the rest room (which he was at the time).  At least from my experience.

In this series I included another image of Viviana (his girlfriend).  I can tell them apart because I see a difference in the shape of their face and of course the body size.  He is still skinnier (these photos are from last thursday) but he is catching up.  He was a whopping 72 grams that day!  I wonder if I’ll still be able to tell a difference when he gets to the appropriate body weight.  I can’t remember for sure but I believe Nutkin may have been the runt.  I believe his litter mate had been a bit bigger.  Though I was a little distracted with coming across them in the first place.

And of course I finished with photos of his food coma where nothing can wake him. That is when I can take my time to try to take a good close up image.  Which is how I achieved the last image of him looking like he is saying his prayers before drifting off to sleep.

Enjoy the images.  I am off to Savannah for the week and hope that my explorations will bring about lots of great images.   Of course the day after my return will be time for my next visit to Nutkin.  He will be about 5-6 weeks old by then!  I think the changes during this time will be huge.

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The above is of Viviana.


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