Back from Savannah for Visit Five

I came back from my trip from Savannah, quite reluntantly I must say.  I did have one thing to look forward to though and that was to see how Nutkin was coming along.  As I had thought he had opened his eyes during my absence.  It did still surprise me to see it though.  Wanda (Nutkin’s new mom) informed me that day that that he weighed 106 g.  A huge jump from the 72 g. he weighed before I left!  What I thought was so sweet was that when I walked into Nutkin’s room I saw a framed photo that Wanda had taken of me holding Nutkin the week earlier.  I’ve officially been dubbed his  Godmother.

I hate to end on this note but I would feel bad not mentioning it.  When visiting I realized Nutkin’s roommate ,Viviana, was nowhere to be seen.  It turns out the day before during a feeding session she had a seizure for some reason.  She seemed like she was recovering but early that morning Wanda’s daughter checked her to find that she had passed.  Very sad.  It’s uncertain what happened since she looked much healthier (fatter) than Nutkin.  She did have a Bott fly in her (nasty little things)  at one point and that may have had something to do with it.  Though we take it for granted that life is quite fragile.

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