Eyes Wide Shut

Well the photos from this post are from my visit the previous weekend.  All seemed fine now that he had a new roommate.  A little grey female squirrel that Wanda had named Sophia.  Other than being a messy eater Nutkin was in tip-top shape.  But then Thursday arrived along with an email  I received  from Wanda informing me that we needed to talk, Nutkin was fine but we needed to talk.  Of course those words are never good news so I was alarmed.  Wanda calls me back after I leave her a message and she informs that they have discovered that Nutkin is blind!  This is by no means debilitating however it means that he cannot be released into the wild.  So she informs me of the options.  1. I take him home and gain a pet squirrel, 2. Give him to the vet tech she met that was willing to take him or 3. Have him put to sleep.

Now I am a firm believer in wild animals being wild so I was pleased to know that he would eventually be released under normal circumstances to live a happy free squirrel life and that I would never see him again.  But since these circumstances are not normal I wonder if I am the one who should keep him since I did find him.  I have been wrestling with this decision because I do not make any decisions lightly especially when the territory is new.  But after my second visit yesterday and getting details from Wanda I feel like this is something I can and want to take on.  I am not a high maintenance pet person.  I have a cat, that is it.  So I can leave for trips when I want for a few days as long as I leave her enough food and water.  I wanted to make sure the same thing could be done with Nutkin.  So since time is a little of the essence so Nutkin will bond with his new person he will be coming home with me today.  I will see how things go this week and if it is more than I can handle it still gives the vet tech a chance to bond with him.

So I will officially have a pet squirrel by tonight!

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