Nutkin-Yet Another Move

Here is most likely my final Nutkin update.  A few days after bringing him home I soon realized that being blind was not going to stop him being ….well squirrely.  In my opinion that cage he was in was too small for his crazy, fast antics.  And my home is not set up to keep a cage large enough.  So I made decision to contact a rehabber named Bill that had been referred to me.  The next day Bill came with his wife to pick him up.  In Nutkin’s 2 1/2 months of  life he has lived in Raleigh, Wake Forest and now has new home in Greensboro.  Here is the update I received from Bill today:

“He is doing great! I am amazed at how well he gets around.
I have line up a vet who is willing to neuter him… that should make his disposition better as he gets older…
He has a lot of experience with wildlife and is a favorite with all the local rehabbers…
Males as they mature can get really ornery…LOL

We toyed with some other names… but still seem to call him Nutkin… or “monkey squirrel”… he has discovered banannas…LOL”

Below are photos I took of Nutkin right before Bill came to pick him up on September 19th.  Trying to keep him still outside the cage was now impossible so I had to do what I could with the constraints of cage bars and a really fast-moving squirrel.  I can almost hear his little squirrel voice in the photos where he is clinging to the cage seemingly looking at me saying “Let me out of here!”.  That or “FEED ME”.  That squirrel can eat!

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One thought on “Nutkin-Yet Another Move

  1. Sophia,
    I’m sorry I couldn’t visit your blog any sooner. Things went just crazy around here in our life and so a lot of activities had to set back.
    But I never forgot about you and Nutkin, the blind squirrel.
    I think you made a perfect decision to give Nutkin to a rehabber. In the long term Nutkin would not have been happy living in a small cage and I am sure, if you had the possibilities to place a big enough cage in your home, you would have done so.
    I am glad to hear the little guy is doing so well and seems to be happy.
    I know you are missing him as I would miss him. But sometimes we just have to make decisions against our own feelings.

    The pictures you have posted are as awesome as always and I want to thank you for this updated post.
    Best Regards
    Paula Jo (Clean Star)

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