Thanksgiving Traditions & Memories from Mother to Daughter


              I spent the day before Thanksgiving photographing a cake which continued into a mini documentary of a mother and daughter (my neighbors, Theresa and Katrina) baking an apple pie.  Not customary at all just happenstance.  Now I did not grow up standing by mother as she showed me how to make apple pie.  My mother is French and I am …..well, British by birth, french by upbringing (though my mother would beg to differ) …so I guess that makes me Frenglican (the last bit standing for American, of course).  Oh how I do love making up words!  Anyway back to topic…there is nothing french about apple pie.  And my mother is not a baker.  She is on the other hand a fantastic cook!  Not that baking is outside her realm, it is just outside her interest.  So holiday meals always included great food, though not always traditional.  My mother quite enjoys being different and introducing friends to possible new dishes.  The meat was as far as I can remember was always some kind of bird though such as pheasant or guinea fowl.  Listening to Katrina ask what to do next, soon followed by plea to let her to do it made me smile.  There is a possibility I might have uttered such words to my mother at her age.  Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and continues to build great memories to look back on or at least some you can laugh at in a couple of years:).


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