Etsy Treasures: Personalized Christmas Ornament

It finally arrived!  I have been so excited about this.  A year or so ago I attended a meeting hosted by two great wedding photographers and got this idea from them.  The idea is to send a photo ornament to a couple whose wedding you photographed the Christmas after they are married.  Genius!  Since then I have been on the hunt on and off for this item.  I assumed I would find a store somewhere that sells them.  So I spent a lot of time Googling (and yes that is a word now).  My problem though is that I like quality and I am more likely to do nothing rather than give something sub par by my standards. Basically  if I wouldn’t want it I won’t give it.

A few weeks ago I started perusing Etsy which is task in itself.  There are so many great things made by so many people.  Pages of pages of handmade goodness.  Then it happened, the words “Custom soldered glass photo ornament with chandelier drop” appeared before me next to a photo of a lovely ornament.  I looked at all the images in the “shop” .    Finally the sun showed through the haze of my exhaustive internet search.  I may remember things a little more dramatically than they happened;).  The Etsy “shop” is called Photo Expressions by Julie.   And Julie was great.  She gave me options to make the ornament the way I liked and provided input when I asked.  I decided on the style and then emailed her the images and other details.  It got done in record time not even considering it is made to order.  Here are few images of the finished product.  Must be off to mail it now.


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