Let Them Eat Cake

    I generally do not like cake.  I would rather use the caloric intake on macaroni and cheese or lobster dipped in butter or croissants.  I do make an exception for cheesecakes however despite my initial disdain for the concept when I first heard of them. I lived in France the first 6 yrs. of life, to put some perspective on my reasoning.  When you say cheese to me I think camembert, brie, Roquefort, you know anything that generally stinks.  The words cream cheese were not in my vernacular.  The words cheese is creamy may have been but that’s it.  I first heard of cheesecake at age 18 and can’t really remember the first time I tasted it but since I did I’ve been hooked.

      Back to the cake thing, for some reason I do find myself very much enjoying the cakes my friend Julie makes.  There just must be some addictive substance added that she doesn’t tell me about.   Luckily I do have restraint.  Which would have been necessary because she sent me home with five “small” 8 in. cakes a few weeks ago.  One to be consumed at a dinner with neighbors that night and the others to be photographed.  What happened to those cakes after photos were done?  I  have very willing friends at my weekend job ready to eat these cakes when I finish photographing them.  Julie is the magic behind Simply Scrumptious out of Greensboro, North Carolina.  If you ever find yourself there you can find her other treasures at Basil’s & Co, and Rioja.  Her cakes and truffles can also be found over in Durham at great coffee place called Beyu Cafe.  Here are some photos of those cakes.

Pumpkin Caramel Cheesecake (so good that I had to do three series):

Coconut Cake:

Mocha Chocolate Cake:

German Chocolate Cake:


3 thoughts on “Let Them Eat Cake

  1. The German Chocolate cake at the end, with the green wall background is a beautiful foodie shot. Love the use of colour throughout the series, it really ties the whole thing together, subtle but with an impact.

    • Thanks. I came home with 4 cakes that weekend to shoot for a baker. I’ve learned that trying to keep a cake in top photographic condition is a little tough when it must me transferred to a proper platter and cut just right etc. Trying to make each cake look unique was a challenge. I feel like I am always learning but I suppose that is what keeps me so motivated to keep taking photos.

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