40 Years of Pound Cakes


Our State Magazine-North Carolina

 This months issue of Our State magazine contains my first published work!   The experience brought me back to the days when I first started taking photos seriously.  I used to drive out and take photographs of something.  This “something” sometimes belonged to someone who would come out to see what I was up to.  After meeting them and letting them know why I was out photographing I would inevitably ask them if I could take their photo. I just loved going out and meeting new people and learning about them.   That was so long ago (8 yrs ago 🙂 )that I was shooting film then. 

 This time was a little different being that Mrs. Shirley Smith knew I was coming.   It was fun to learn little tidbits about Shirley and how she came to be that she started baking these cakes and has been for over 40 yrs.  It turns out that Shirley’s sister had bought their mother a baking pan as a gift.  This was back when Teflon first came out and was pink!  Apparently her mother was not having any luck  using it and cakes were not coming out properly so she gave it to Shirley to try.  And that is how it all began.  She chose to start making pound cake because they were her husband’s favorite. After friends from church tasted her cake they started asking  her to make it.  Nowadays asking is no longer necessary.  If there is an event or someone needing someone cheering they can count on Shirley to bring her coveted pound cake.   To this day she still uses the same pan her mother gave her though it is no longer pink on the inside. 


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