It’s Here! A Gift For Me From Me

     It arrived in the mail!  I have this weird little excitement when I order myself something online and am waiting for the delivery.  Even if it is a simple item.  I call them presents even though I bought it for myself and I know exactly what is inside the box .  Items I buy online are either necessary items that are work related or items that I have decided on after doing a fairly exhaustive search for.  I am not an impulse buyer.  I may see something and impulsively say I want it.  However,  no purchasing is done until I have read reviews, looked for the best deal and then finally ask myself if I really need it or even want it still. This process may take at least a few weeks to a few months or more and then if the novelty of the item wears off this tells me that it was not really worth having in the first place.    Most things I have bought in the last two years have been photography/business related.  This time was different though.

     To explain how I came to discover this item I first must confess that I watched the most recent episode of The Bachelorette (sigh, there, now it’s out there).  Who can blame me?  I think Alli is just too cute and they were sending her around the world to places like Iceland and Istanbul!  Anyhow among all the cool things she was doing and great clothes something caught my eye.  No not the men, a necklace.  Delicate, diminutive and silver with a something that looked like….no, it couldn’t be…..was it an elephant?  Much squinting was done and replaying of the online shows, followed by internet searches, until finally success, people were talking about it and there it was….the necklace I always wanted.  Not that I had wanted that specific necklace.  But I had always wanted a delicate necklace with a pendant that had some significance to me.  What better than an elephant, since they are my favorite animal?  It turned out to be an Alex Woo necklace.  Alex who?  I didn’t care, it was pretty and something I had been looking for so I was going to get it as a gift to me.  Why?  Well, because I like me!

     Here are a couple of photos I took of my actual necklace.  I thought I would hate the diamond cut chain at first because I thought it would be like a dog tag chain.  But it isn’t and the way it is cut reflects light and makes it sparkle.  It’s perfect!




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