Izze It Good?

During my grocery run to Earth Fare (local health food store) I found myself really thirsty.  No, like really thirsty!  As I shopped I perused the juices, nothing grabbed me.  I decided to go past the deli area to see if the lady who made me the “berry morning” fruit protein shake a few weeks ago was there.  Nope it was the guy who make it last week.  He did not do a very good job.  So no shake for me, plus it would really not have taken care of my thirst.  Then I see the refrigerated individual drink area and there it Izze!  And it got me pondering deeply as I do about life’s many questions.  Izze it any good?  I’ve been quite curious about it.  I firmly believe that anything carbonated is more refreshing and thirst quenching  (This gets me in trouble if a mixed drink has bubbles in it:) ).  So I chose the grapefruit flavor hoping that it would lessen any sweetness from other fruit juices included.  In conclusion I have come to find that it:

Izze pretty

Izze refreshing

Izze good!

I found it a tiny little bit on the sweet side but that is only because my sugar tooth is lessening as each year goes by.  I used to only like milk chocolate bars as a child.  Now I find myself in the 70 to 80% dark chocolate side and will go up to 90% if I am feeling especially bitter but that is as far as I go.  My mother is all the way to 99% which makes no sense to me.  At that point you may as well just gnaw on the cocoa bean and call it a day.  I’ve included some photos because like I said it’s pretty as well.


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