DIY Baby Headbands

Last week I decided to start searching for some props for a newborn named Bella I would be shooting the following week. I don’t photograph babies often so I wanted some backup prop options on top of what Bella’s mom Jessica would be bringing .  I did not find anything inspiring at any of the chain stores. I found some great stuff on Etsy but did not have time to order and wait.

So  refusing to admit defeat I started researching DIY items, baby headbands in particular.  I came across this gem of a post.  The headbands were too cute and easy to make….I mean I made them so enough said.  I did add a bit of a spin to mine by sewing in a couple of charms that were related to the theme of Bella’s room.  The only challenge I had while looking for materials was acquiring stretchy ribbon for the headband portion.  I found a wide white one at Joann Fabrics and a really thin one that  I doubled up at a local jewelry making store.  I did not love the stark white ribbon.  I had hoped to find something off white or cream but it was very soft and I think will be kinder to a baby’s head.  I had a lot of fun making these.  I will probably make some more with the remaining material  just to keep as props for the future and then send some to friends who just had a baby.

I already have my next non-baby related DIY project planned.  I realized that I miss craft time from childhood :).  Oh also I realized that glue from a hot glue gun is reaaaallyy hot!

Here are images of my marvelous creations 🙂

This last one was the first one I made and my favorite.  I think it had to do with the materials.  The ribbon for the flowers was japanese silk.  And I like that the headband material in this ribbon was cream rather than stark white.  Must go online to find better stretchy ribbon options.


3 thoughts on “DIY Baby Headbands

    • Thanks, Isobel. I love your name by the way! I do not make them to sell but there is a site,, that has a plethora of people who make such items that are even nicer than mine. I highly recommend the site if you have not come across it. To find people that make items with rosettes just type the word “rosettes” in the search function.

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