Shelby & Matt-Billiards Engagement Shoot

Last week I met with Shelby and Matt at the Loft at Natty Greene’s in Greensboro, NC for their engagement shoot.  I first met them last year over a year before their wedding date through Renee the owner of Basil’s & Co.  One thing I learned  about Shelby that day is she is efficient and organized.  At our meeting I learned that she had chosen a venue for her wedding, found her caterer and baker for her cake.  She had also found her dress and chosen the colors for the wedding. I loved this! I, of course, had to ask how they met. The abridged version is Shelby and her friend decided to check out a bar they had not gone to yet. This was the very bar that Matt manages. Shelby and her friend were playing pool in the back of the bar and Matt would keep taking smoke breaks in the pool table area. Shelby assumed this is where he took his breaks but as it turned out he was coming back there because Shelby was there. I thought this was just such a sweet story. So when I brought up the subject of  engagement photos they informed me that they were not the traditional sit in the park type couple which was fine with me. After hearing their story I decided their perfect engagement shoot would have to have a billiards theme and they agreed.

I can tell you now from experience that trying to find a place that has a pool table, does not look like a dive and has natural light readily available is very difficult, at least where I live.  I had about one year to find a spot and at the eleventh hour (well a month before our tentative shoot day) a friend suggested  the Loft at Natty’s in Greensboro. I popped over to their Facebook page and saw the photos they had of the space and I knew that was the space.  My concern was trying to get myself in there to take photos. I called the Laurie, who is in charge of booking events at The Loft, and she was so helpful and had no problem with letting us use the space on a day when the space wasn’t booked. So at 11am on April 7th I walked into Natty’s welcomed by the warmth and smell of beer brewing. The shoot wrapped up around 2:30pm thanks to Matt fading a bit so we finished off the shoot by heading over to Gray’s Tavern next door for some bacon and egg sliders for Shelby and I and a battered and fried (yep, that’s right, fried)  hot dog for Matt. Thank goodness for Matt because as it turned out I was starving.  As soon as I saw my sliders heading towards me my stomach actually flipped with excitement.

And finally I had to show proof that a fried hot dog exists.  Their exact menu description is actually “ripped” which is described as “fried until ripped on ends”. According to Shelby and Matt their hot dogs are really good. I believe them. As for me I will stick to these bacon, egg and cheese sliders…perfect portion and super yummy.


4 thoughts on “Shelby & Matt-Billiards Engagement Shoot

  1. Love the idea of using the billiard hall. I can only imagine the difficulty you had finding the “pretty” one, I’m trying to think now where I’d go for such a venue, pool tables and not looking like a dive.
    Pool balls for the date is kinda cute too.
    Loving the work.


    • Super! I tried to find examples before my shoot and did not find much, which is why I tried to tag this well for others who needed a little pool hall inspiration:). Hope you shoot goes well!

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