Matt & Shelby ….Married!

On May 29th 2011, Shelby and Matt’s wedding took place and it was filled with subtle and pretty DIY details.  The wedding was located at the lovely Revolution Mills Studios.  For the bridesmaids Shelby chose to have them wear a brown jersey wrap dress. The beauty of this type of dress is that it gave each bridesmaid her own style because of the the many ways it can be worn. The bridesmaids jewelry was made my Shelby’s mom and the bridesmaids shoes were painstakingly painted by Shelby and her sister. Matt wore his grandfather’s watch. My favorite moment would have to be  when Shelby had just put on the dress and her brother helped her by cutting of the straps that hang the dress, her sister is fixed the back of the dress and her mother is supervising all the work (image below). Putting on a wedding dress is no joke! Thank you to Shelby and Matt for bringing me in to photograph your wedding and get to know you and hear the stories of how you met. I can’t wait to hear your future stories.

Another fun part of the wedding for me was to get to work with people I consider friends. The catering and setup was done by Basil’s & Co. The  simple yet elegant cake that Shelby asked for was done by Simply Scrumptious (each layer was a different flavor), the coordinating was silently executed by  Melissa of Events By Design and our charismatic DJ was the Friendly Neighborhood DJ.

For those that did not get a chance to view Matt & Shelby’s billiards engagement shoot go here.


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