Part I- Trip to England & France: Nynke

It has been over a month since I have been back from my trip to England and France and I have just now finished going through the images! There are quite a few to go through so I’ve decided to break the posts up. My first visit was to my sister’s. She introduced my to her new (to me) horse. The last time I was there was in 2006 and her horse then, named Bo, has since died. I used to love riding when I was a child and had lessons every weekend. But as I got older I just felt less confident riding them because I was becoming more aware of possible accidental injury with these massive beasts. The last time I actually got on a horse for a ride was when I was 19 on my sister’s horse. He got spooked by the sound of  horse walking on newly laid gravel outside the ring and took off running. My meager attempts to stop him went unnoticed.  I felt myself falling off which had happened before, from years of riding, so that didn’t bother me. The problem occurred when I let myself fall off and my foot got stuck in the stirrup and Bo was dragging me. That was no fun. The ligaments in my left shoulder were stretched and since that incident my shoulder likes to “slip” out on occasion. So no more riding for me since then. Regardless of this I just fell in love with Nynke, my sister’s horse. She was so curious of my camera and the round cylinder I kept pointing towards her. She is an Andalusian. She is a beautifully muscled and  poised horse with a glistening black coat, and wavy mane and tail. And she has those tufts of hair at the top of her hoofs that I just love. She has a very kind spirit and I believe if I chose to ride her she would treat me kindly. Here are a few photos to showcase her loveliness:

(Part II)

And here are a few photos to showcase her personality:The image on the left is me standing my ground as she came running towards my sister and I. To be honest this scared the life out of me ….what if she didn’t stop in time or give herself enough room to get past me without knocking me down? But I stood firm and I survived unscathed;). The image on the left is my sister and Nynke giving each other their hello scratch. My sister scratches the base of her mane and Nynke rubs my sister’s back with her muzzle….how sweet is this?
This one is Nynke coming over to me wondering why in the world I am laying down in the grass. This again increased my heart rate a bit but I was determined to be strong. This fear of mine in truly unfounded, just a part of who I am now but I won’t let it master me. I truly couldn’t help but kiss this sweet face though.


6 thoughts on “Part I- Trip to England & France: Nynke

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  2. These photos are beautiful! I recently purchased Digital Photography for dummies hoping I could learn to take better photos! I think I could use some lessons. I’m envious of your talent. Thank you for visiting my blog and helping me with the meaning of the French. I watched the video. Very interesting. My signs are for sale but have already been sent to a local store. If you are really interested I would be happy to discuss a special order. Thanks again for the great info. I always prefer to know about what I am painting.

  3. I came here from a link you had put on Shana Rosengarten’s page (where she posted about her new Friesian horse, Willow). What wonderful images you captured! Such a gorgeous horse! I am the same as you…. I took lessons as a child and as an adult purchased two horses. But no longer in the safety of a riding ring, I lost my confidence as a rider… worried about the horses taking off with me. I still have one horse, but no one has ridden him in over a decade. We call him our “pasture pet”.

  4. Hi Tracey,
    Great to hear from you. I went to check out your images on Flicker and I have to say I really loved the first couple images of the birds with the LaFrance textures. Losing confidence as a rider is a little sad. To think I used to stand on the back of “my” pony, Misty Gris, at the riding school I went to in France. My sister had another horse before this one who got spooked while I rode which ended in an accident where I was dragged and my shoulder now can regularly “slip out” a bit if I’m not careful. Nynke however has a wonderful spirit (not to sound to ethereal). I’m glad Shana rescued Willow. People are so cruel to animals even if their bad behavior is lack of attention, I find it unkind. My sister was concerned about her horse getting lonely though she rides when she can and was considering getting a Donkey for him as a friend. Where are you located? I just came back from a road trip with a friend and still have the bug to travel but can’t go too far. But I don’t want to stop taking photos like I usually do when I get back to daily life. If you are not too far from Raleigh, maybe I could make the drive for a short weekend excursion to keep the creative juices flowing. I could get photos of your horse, you and the area. I am in the process of trying to blog about our trip and the cool people we met on our road trip off the PCH on my iphone and regular blog.

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