Part II: Trip to England & France: “Donkey”, The Human Google

Next up on my visit to Europe to see family is Donkey! Not an actual donkey, he is my Godfather and my (half) sister’s father and he takes care of a horse name Nynke (see previous post about Nynke). It is all seemingly very confusing, I know. I grew up and received a nickname from him because you see when I was born my head was quite large at that time. So I became Nibbo or Niblick. For those who are into golf and are familiar with older clubs the niblick was the name used for a golf club prior to the 20th century that had a rather large “head”. It is most comparable to today’s 9-iron. I figure it could be worse, there are drivers and those things are huge in comparison. Anyway, I digress. Donkey became my godfather soon after my birth and was actually the one I have to thank for my wonderful name (my actual name not just the nickname). He also always read me a Beatrix Potter book before bed when I visited and told me about the small donkeys having a party at the foot of my bed as I was going to sleep. He fostered my love of reading and enhanced my already vivid imagination. On top of being quite good with children, this great man has an amazing capacity for information. Now granted he has no earthly clue who Justin Bieber is nor does he care to know but what he has interest in he has studied extensively and can either provide the ¬†information from memory or go to his extensive library and find the info you desire. He uses these strange objects called books and uses his hands and fingers to turn the pages….odd indeed. His interests tend to lean towards aviation history, flying, paintings and anything well before his time to include writing from certain authors.

Well when I told him I wanted to take his photo he put on one of his nice suits…simple grey with a strikingly coloured tie. That’s how I view Donkey…seemingly gray and calm, unassuming, but there is a little unexpected wild streak of colour. This man who always provided me with (English) Smarties (sorta like American M&M’s) and Terry’s orange infused chocolate rounds was the most constant male influence during my childhood. He has an extreme gift to be great with children yet highly intelligent. These two characteristics are hard to combine at times. In these photos he was set on taking them without smiling because this is how they did it in the old days (his favorite days). Maybe he didn’t realize that they had to do it that way because back then getting your photo taken took a loooooong time and they asked their subjects to be still and serious so as to prevent what I call “ghosting”. I did as he wished though but I did manage to sneak a few photos with a smirk because who can resist the charms of the “Nibbo”;)?


(Part I)

(Part III)

This is one walls of the Donkey library, carefully protected in a windowless room and glass protected shelves.

This is serious Donkey:

Do not let the seriousness of his expressions fool you there is a child’s heart in this man and I mean this in the best way possible. Here is an image when I caught him trying to stifle a laugh:


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