Part IV: Irresistibly Beautiful Macarons, Patrick Hermand

As part of my visit to France I had planned to photograph the real “original” macaron from  Jean Trogneux in Amiens rather than those trendy new fangled colorful ones that are all the rage now. However my plans changed a bit when I came to find out that these “original” macaron wrapped in gold foil did not have much to offer photographically once unwrapped. They are a round puck-like shape and are golden in color. Soon after discovering this disappointing fact I passed by a shop in Vieux Lille with a display of deserts and those (darned) trendy macarons that could just not be ignored. These macarons were even more fancy than the regular colored ones. Each different flavor had a unique embellishment, such as being painted or having bits of golden “foil” etc. The name of the shop is Patrick Hermand. And all these desserts seemed to pretty to eat. After several trips back and forth between their two street view window displays I finally decided to enter to make a purchase. (For those who think I am mispelling the word “macaron” here is a link to refer to about the difference between a macaron and macaroon.)

I had to wait a little bit because there were a few customers in line but this gave me a chance to witness how to order. I learned that all the different sized boxes on display were empty. No pre-packaging going on here. The shop attendant helps you select from the other wall where there are shelves displaying these pretty macarons. So when my turn came I was ready and did not seem completely clueless. I chose the smallest box that houses seven macarons. I was uncertain if I would even like them taste wise but knew they just had to be photographed. Oh yes, I forgot to mention I had NEVER  tasted a macaron before this time, “original” or “trendy”. So I made my selections, which I cannot tell you what they all were now but I do recall there was a lemon, cassis, and ganache. They were packaged in the little pink and green box I had chosen earlier with the Patrick Hermand logo and his quote “All can resisted except temptation” (obviously so true since I couldn’t resist). Once the shop attendant shut the box she of course wrapped it with a silver ribbon because everything is just truly more special with a bow:). I also had to order the lemon tart I had seen in the window, it was simply too pretty to be left behind. So without further ado here they are:

(Part III )

(Part V)


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