Part VII: The Cobblestone Streets Of Vieux Lille

Without a doubt, of the towns I visited, Vieux Lille was my favorite. I was charmed by the cobblestone streets, multicolored buildings and hanging lanterns. This is also where I came across these lovely macarons by Patrick Hermand. If planning a visit there and you think you will be doing a lot of walking I implore you, as a woman, do not wear heels! Not even wedges. I luckily had seen this warning before my visit and heeded the advice. Those cobbled streets though lovely to look at are not friends with heels and I like my ankles not twisted.

Vieux Lille is definitely a tourist attraction and a shopper’s delight. The area is filled with all sorts of shops selling a variety of merchandise that ranged from high-end to simple things such as food for dinner. Though I was not there to shop the “packaging” of Vieux Lille caused me to spend the day wandering around and exploring all the architectural delights as well as watching what everyday people do in Vieux Lille. I think one of the main reasons I love Europe (specifically France and England) is because the architecture makes me feel like I have been transported to another time that has passed already. I believe my next trip is a tie between Italy and Greece, not sure yet. Here are the images from this visit:




(Part VI)

Vieux Lille

My first real life encounter with recognized street art after watching “Exit Through The Gift Shop”. This is Mimi The Clown.


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