Mad Men Inspired Photoshoot

(Vote HERE for the image of  Chris I shot)

Last monday I received a Facebook message from my friend Chris telling me about a Mad Men casting call and wanted to know if I would be interested in shooting his photo to enter the contest. I had never seen the show, I had maybe heard of it in passing but that was all. I went to the show site to investigate and fell in love with the idea of trying to create an image to have the look and feel of this show. So I told Chris I was in and we realized we needed to submit this photo by August 25th which meant the shoot would have to happen that coming weekend. So off to work I went and by that I mean I downloaded season 2 and also started watching episodes online to do research. With one window open watching the show I started to search where I could rent 60’s period furniture. We talked about where to do the shoot and though I thought an office environment would be good we did not have my ideal setup available but Chris has a friend, Tom, that has a place that would work well.

I think Thursday is when everything started really happening. During my lunch break I went to go check out a shop in Cameron Village called Hipsteria that is located within the Cheshire Cat. I spoke to the owner Ben who told me that he would be willing to rent out some pieces. Chris had visited the spot that morning and sent me photos of some of the items I had liked on the store website. After the visit I was still undecided because I still had not visited the spot where we would be shooting and wasn’t sure what other props we would need.

Thursday evening after work I went to check out the location of the shoot, Tom’s house. This house was great and some of the items in there were the perfect fit for our shoot. To be quite honest I wanted to move the guys in there out and make it my own but alas I did not. Friday came around and I used my lunch break to run over to Hipsteria. That day trying to reach the owner Ben was a bit of a headache because we kept missing each other’s calls. When I finally spoke to him he told me that I if I let him know which pieces I wanted he would set up with the someone at the Cheshire Cat to help me when I came to get them. So after haphazardly deciding which pieces I wanted I called Chris last-minute and asked him to come help me load the furniture in my car. Another reason I love my box on wheels of a car (Kia Rondo). Everything fit without problem. I also picked up a Life magazine from 1962 as a prop.

Friday night after work entailed me going to Bed Bath and Beyond for rocks glasses, the ABC store for liquor, Goodwill to get pillows I’d seen the night before then Home Goods to get 2 more props for decoration and finally the gas station for a soft pack of cigarettes. Once I got home I continued my research about Lucky Strike cigarettes which is the brand they smoke on the show, a lot (seriously…a lot). I found photos of the what the pack looked like in the 60’s and commenced to create a photoshopped label to replace the one that came on the pack I purchased. That night I learned that the label on a soft pack is 4×6 inches.

We met up at Tom’s at 10am to start shooting. Well Chris showed up at 10 and I showed up at 10:20. This girl was going to get her Starbucks after the past 2 days of prep;) despite the long line. We started off shooting using the living room set up that was in place already. Next we set up the scene with the furniture I rented. Thank goodness for Tom’s serving trays on the wall and yellow lamp shade. The original shade of the lamp I rented is a cream color. The scene needed a pop of color and wall art.

We finished shooting at 2:30 and managed to get the furniture returned to Hipsteria by 3pm. This was definitely a type of shoot I had never done before but I loved the challenge and think the images came out well. Now we just need to get Chris to win this contest. They will be choosing from the ten most popular men’s and women’s photos. So I never do this but today I am. If you like the image (or even if you don’t but appreciate my determination;) ) please vote for the photo of Chris over hereand help our image be in the top 1o most popular. Chris and I would be really grateful. Thanks in advance.

Here is the photo we submitted:

And here are other images from the shoot:

The above image was the one submitted for the contest.

And because I think outtakes are the best part of life and shoots/videos here are some for your viewing pleasure:


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