Is It Important?

I’ve been a little out of sorts on the photography front. The lack of paying work gets me a little down. Then this week I saw Facebook posting that was a bit of a slap in the face. It said “If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not you will find an excuse”. So today I decided to edit a few photos that I had taken around the house. What I loved about photography while in school was the creative process. So today I played in the new Lightroom 4 and used VSCO presets, they emulate film characteristics. I’ve recently become obsessed with flowers especially since Trader Joe’s has beautiful options at an affordable price. Unfortunately I have to stick to dried or cut flowers because I can’t seem to keep the potted plants alive. My heart is green but apparently my thumb is black….gangrenous and about to fall off, sighhhh. So I have resorted to photographing flowers so I may immortalize them in their short yet splendid lifetime during this photography “slump” of mine. I know it’s been done but it’s all been done before so there. Well perhaps dried Billy Buttons in a mini tequila bottle hasn’t been done before but it has now;).




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