The Largest KITE I Ever Saw

Unbeknownst to be (until Memorial Day weekend, aka my birthday weekend) there are kites and then there are KITES. Please note the size difference between the same word because that is exactly what I came across while I sat enjoying my lunch and bubbles on the deck of the beach front condo my friends and I had rented. This thing was ridiculously large (in an awesome way of course). Note the regular kite (tiny) just beneath the tail of the behemoth KITE.

This was the perfect weekend for flying such a beast because there was some kind of weather front out in the waters somewhere ( I don’t speak meteorology) that brought us a LOT of wind. It was to the point that professional surfers were coming in to surf off Shackleford Island (more on that on a later post).

I had just come back from visiting Fort Macon where there had been a plethora of “tiny” kites flying and I had wanted to head back down there until I saw this thing at my doorstep, so to speak. So after enjoying my lunch I whipped out my camera and headed down to the beach.

After shooting for a bit a man walks up to me asks “Don’t you wish they’d stay still so you could photograph them?” I was in the midst of photographing the smaller kite attached to the string of the behemoth KITE that had a bunch of little tails that mesmerized me (I began to see my cat’s fascination with chasing string). This is when I ended up meeting the owners of the kite, Kurt and his beautiful wife Marta. They were both from Ohio and vacationing at their condo. I know I will not remember all the numbers correctly but what I believe Kurt told me about the dimensions of the kite were this: the front large part was 230 something square feet and that the beginning and widest part of the tail was about 10 ft across. I could stand in the KITE’s shadow and have more than enough shade. Only problem, the pesky thing kept moving;). Here are the images I took:


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