Ryan & Christina

Ryan and Christina’s wedding day was a first for me in that they were the first couple who I met before they needed a wedding photographer. Well, technically I only knew Christina but it amounts to the same in my book. Their wedding day was a beautiful fall day. On my drive over to their house to photograph Christina getting ready Billy Idol’s song,”White Wedding” cames to mind. So I downloaded it off Itunes and listened to it on the way over. Now I am sure there is some meaning to this song other than someone’s wedding day but I choose to remain ignorant. I confess the silliness of listening to this song to Christina and a grin spreads on her face. She proceeds to tell me that one of the guests was one of the actors on the Billy Idol video “Craddle Of Love”. This video is incredibly cheesy now but I still like it because it reminds of when MTV stood for Music Television ;). So my random desire to flash back musically to the 1990’s seemed a little less weird….or at least that is what I tell myself. I am so grateful I was able to be a part of their day. Here are a “few” images of the day and the dancing shenanigans at the reception afterwards. Enjoy!


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