Hoping For the Kindness Of A Stranger

This Christmas brought an unexpected trip. On November 26th I got a FB message from my friend Doris explaining that she was planning a road trip in California and asked whether I would be interested in going. I have to admit I don’t think I thought about it for too long. An hour later we were trying to figure what airport we would land in and where we would fly out of after our road trip. We both blog, Doris for her inspirational climbing blog and me to document photographically the beauty of the things I see.
Well I am back and planning to blog about each adventure with accompanying photos but I have come to discover that part of my trip that I documented on an 8 gb memory card is missing. I have to say the memory card loss is a bit of a pain but the biggest loss is the images on that card. The images are of friends in Santa Monica and of my trip to the Joshua Tree National Park. My name is on the card and I do know that if you google my name you will find me. So I put out a plea to whoever comes across this card. Please find a way to get me the images on disc if nothing else…please!!!!

The address to send the images to:
550 New Waverly Pl
Ste. 110
Cary, NC 27518

Thanks in advance,


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