From Freshly Pressed To Newly Met

Being Freshly Pressed on is a magical event that fills your email with “likes” and “comments” from complete strangers. I have been on the receiving end of this wonderfullness as well as been one of the many “likers or commenters”. On the 25th of April in 2011 I became one of those comment emails for a blog titled “365 til 30“. Kate, the author of said blog, was on a road trip with her friend.
Her blog caught my eye because it was about her road trip with her friend (ding!) in a town in Texas that sounded like an ebonics version of the word “Martha”. They were staying in a hotel there that had tepees as a room option (ding ding!). And when I read the why of the blog, which was to fulfill certain goals before turning 30 (ding, ding, ding!!!!) I was “in” as a follower. I’ve always kinda let life happen to me (I squint while saying this). But I love the idea of having a goal in mind, clearly, and saying “I want to do this!”(Don’t think New Year’s resolutions). What I appreciate about the way she goes about it is that for a year her goals are realistic and doable and if some things don’t come to fruition because it turned out it wasn’t her thing then that is okay.
Anyway at the end of November my friend Doris sends me a message to see if I would like to do a road trip in California! She might as well have asked me if I would like to breathe ocean air, drink Champagne and dine on lobster (that would mean yes if you don’t know me and we did all these things in Cali-;) ). So as we started mapping out what we both would like to do and see on our trip I decided to see if Kate would be in for a photo shoot since she had recently gotten engaged. I had hoped to catch her during her road trip back in April of 2011 when she was seemingly near my home but as it turns out it is hard to blog and road trip at the same time. I now know I tried and she was already back in Cali when I contacted her. Much to my surprise she said yes. Not that I hold much weight to astrological signs but I definitely see both sides of every equation and though I think there are so many cool people to meet out there (hence my request to her), I also know there a lots of crazies. Thankfully Kate did not put me in category 2.
I had a crazy first day in Cali with a lot of driving and errands and threats of rain to my photo shoot with Kate and Brian (her fiance) but in the end we met in front of Urth Cafe and had a great and rainless time. Brian is also a photographer and was super pumped to be in front of the camera (not really) and to that I say wait until your wedding day, my friend, wait until your wedding day (click πŸ˜‰ ).
Here are a few of their images…cute aren’t they?:


















4 thoughts on “From Freshly Pressed To Newly Met

    • Thanks it was a fun shoot. We had never met before and had just commented on each other’s blogs or emailed. Just so you know I will be coming to France in either May or June to visit family. So I may pick your brain for things out to do of the ordinary to visit and possibly ask you and your wife to do a shoot. That way I can have a second version of “From Freshly Pressed to Newly Met”. You fit the criteria: I came across your blog on Freshly Pressed, I started following your blog because I liked the content, you are located where my next trip will take place. Don’t say “no” right away…think about it;). It will be fun, ask Kate (woman on swings..;) ).

      • Oh my, thank you for the generous offer but I’m SO not comfortable being photographed! But you said don’t say “no” right away, so I’ll…think about it. πŸ™‚

        But you’re absolutely welcome to do some brain picking; it doesn’t take much to get me waxing poetic about Paris (the hard part is getting me to shut up about it). At any rate, I love meeting fellow Paris fans so if you’d like to get together for a cup of tea and a chat while you’re in town, feel free to drop me a line. Take care!

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