The Venice Beach Canals

One of my plans when in Santa Monica was to get to the Venice Beach Boardwalk to find Harry Perry. I do not personally know this man but in high school my escapes to the boardwalk usually included a sighting of him. This trip did not afford me this luxury due to time and holiday constraints. Doris may have seen him the first day when I had to run errands and meet up to do a shoot but she wasn’t for sure if it was the him. Oh well. What we did decide (well maybe I suggested and Doris acquiesced) was to see these Venice Canals. I had been unaware of their existence while living in Cali but since then movies had used them as backdrops. How had I know heard of them?
According to “Mr. Frommer” in the book California, Day By Day, and I quote: “In the early 1900’s, entrepreneur Abbot Kinney dreamt up “Venice of America,” 16 miles of canals connecting piers, theaters, restaurants, and hotels; he even imported a couple dozen gondoliers from Italy. Car or gondolas: Guess which won out in the long run? Only 6 canals remain of Kinney’s original 16; most were paved over in 1929 to make room for automobiles, while the few remaining canals were neglected for half a century. In 1994 the city dredged the canals and added small bridges and sidewalks. Tossing a few crumbs to the ducks in the placid water, you might wonder whether Kinney’s vision was so crazy after all. Let yourself wander and take in the eclectic home that line the canals.”(End quote….had to say that).
So there was my answer, I left Cali in December of ’94, and these canals had not become a symbol of the area yet. So we made a quick trip to explore and take photos, me because I must and Doris because she had a shiny new camera. Below are a few visual reasons you should check them out. The homes are eclectic and the water is just serene and I want to thank the residents that “put up” with us darned tourists:). Also I have to thank Lens Pro To Go for just existing. I played around with the 24mm tilt-shift lens I rented from them. They are super helpful there and are a great way to check out equipment and practice with it before purchasing.

(I might have overdone it with the canoe but it was orange AND named Miss Understood…I couldn’t help myself)












2 thoughts on “The Venice Beach Canals

    • Thanks Kyle. Yeah trying to add images to my portfolio is my next goal after blogging all about it. I see why people are full time bloggers. I have trouble trying to come up with things to say sometimes. I’m just not that clever;).

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