Making A Mountain Out Of A Molehill

On day one (and day 4) of my Cali trip I had to make a stop at the sand hill at Thornehill Broome Beach. As you drive towards it, it really doesn’t look like much. And some might think “Oh look a bunch of sand on the wrong side of PCH on a hill/mountain” and just keep driving. Here is a link to images and video of what it looks like at the bottom and climbing up.

It’s funny how things that may look or seem mundane to one person can be held in such high esteem by another. I have a lot of fond memories of this hill while in high school from visits to the beach across the highway on weekends to sneaking out at night (shhh don’t tell my mother) and climbing up to get a great vantage point of the moon reflecting in the ocean. I can with certainty say that if anyone would ask me where I’d rather be on any given day I would tell them at the top of the this hill (except for maybe this June when I’ll be taking a road trip through France with my great cousin…come one, it’s France!).

I guess my love of this hill is a mixture of nostalgia and serenity. Because it is overlooking ocean there is nothing blocking your view and you can actually see the curvature of the earth. That fact coupled with the continuing stream of passing cars is just a reminder to me that this is a big world with so much more going on than my “problems”. That and it’s fun to climb up the sand! It’s quite the workout.

Below are images from my visit. There was a ship out in the distance and of course a view of the Channel Islands and Point Mugu Rock.







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