Snow Day!….Sorta

Well realistically it was a snow couple hours. You see in North Carolina you can experience four seasons in a week sometimes. Here is by far the most accurate, yet still funny, cartoon about North Carolina weather:


On Friday the temps were in the 50’s and I enjoyed the daily 4 mile walks I had started a couple weeks ago. These walks came to a screeching halt on Saturday. I knew snow had been in the forecast for Saturday. Often time though “snow” here means icy rain that just creates black ice and fear rather than a white wonderland. When I saw big fat actual snow flakes falling I got bundled and decided to go on a mini photo adventure. The actual snow fall did not last much longer than a couple hours until it became more of a icy rain. But the snow tried to stay a little while. Here are a couple photos from my little excursion. I found the Aflac duck’s cousin the Aflac goose (Here is a link for those who don’t know what I’m referring to. I got a nice shot of the goose in the water. Who needs a swan in a pond when you have a white goose. Just as white and much friendlier.




He looks like he is saying “AFLAC”, right?







IMG_6050 IMG_6052


These poor flowers don’t know what hit them.


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