Follow The Sun Down

These images are from one day of watching the sunset (meaning there will be more). I was determined to try to catch as many sunsets over the ocean as possible during this road trip with Doris.  The song that came to mind to as I watched these sunsets was aptly called Follow the Sun Down. This particular sunset was captured driving north between Malibu and up until we got to Ventura (all off the PCH of course). The best part about traveling with Doris was that she was just as keen as I was to stop places to just enjoy and explore them. This inevitably meant that what should have been a 2 hrs drive from Santa Monica to Solvang ended up taking us about 8 (ish) hours (link to events from that day). Crazy I know. But these numerous stops allowed us to meet some cool people on the way up (rock climbers from eastern Europe, self-professed professional surfers from BYU and a motorcycle rider making a trip from Seattle Washington and heading as far south as he chose).













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