My Visit to Mount Ventoux

So today is France’s birthday and the 15th stage of the Tour de France. In honor of those two facts I decided to post a few images from my trip to Mount Ventoux where the 15th stage of the Tour occurred. I really have no interest in the Tour de France (gasp!, I know) but it is funny how interest changes when you visit a place where the thing you cared nothing for occurs. I also had no interest in visiting Mount Ventoux but when my desire to see unending lavender fields was squashed by the unusually cold weather which meant there was not much in bloom yet my cousin suggested we go to see Mount Ventoux. Apparently, from a distance, people seem to think the mountain is covered with snow because of the cream colored rocks that cover the top of the mountain. Some things I learned at the top of the mountain were that those rocks are very sharp and will cut you if you lay in them trying to get photos of cyclists coming by and that the mountain is aptly named because the wind up there is perpetual and strong. If you translate windy all the time into French it is: vent tout le temps. Put those two first words together….close enough eh (my mind works in strange ways)? Anyway the view from up there was amazing you felt like you were up in the clouds. I am glad I begrudgingly acquiesced to make the drive up there.

The view of Mount Ventoux from a distance:


Where I was when I cut myself waiting for cyclists to fly by:IMG_9824


The way to the top is tough, winding and painful:IMG_9783

The view from the top is worth the effort….though I would no nothing about effort since we drove up ;):



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