Tiffany and Keith

My favorite part of being a photographer is meeting people and learning a tidbit about them that make them interesting/unique to me and meeting people that succumb to my suggestions to do something they wouldn’t do on their own. I had both these characteristics with these two. Over a week ago I had the pleasure of  h̶a̶n̶g̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶o̶u̶t photographing Tiffany and Keith at the Durant Nature Preserve in Raleigh. That Saturday afternoon included laughter, piggyback rides, looking for leaves, very tame deer, finding old ball glass jars in an antique shop,  me crawling on the ground (as usual) trying to get a “the” shot and of course Tom’s (more on that later).

I met Tiffany because we both have made and sold drugs…..legally. We have experience as compounding pharmacy technicians. I know that almost sounded like an exciting story. Tiffany is pint-sized and quiet when you first get to know her. The other thing you notice about her are her Toms. Don’t tell her but I used to not care for them, aesthetically speaking. But when you meet someone who can coordinate an outfit based on her Toms you start to take notice. Without exaggeration she likely owns about 60 pairs (she photographed her closet and sent me the images). Which when you consider that every pair that is purchased provides a pair of shoes for someone who can’t afford them my silly aesthetic thing with Toms just becomes selfish.

As for Keith, I met him a week and a half ago but his intriguing tidbit: he makes Ball glass jars. Now not everyone will think that is cool but I do. Though I bet there are tons of “Pinteresters” out there that would freak out.And he has been doing it for over 20 years!! And Tiffany gets whatever Ball glass jars she wants. Oh yeah, and that beautiful rose gold ring too.

Tiffany and Keith, thanks for such a fun afternoon and making my work so easy.


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