Why photography? People everywhere are taking photos these days. Why did I decide to do it as more than a hobby? Well I see photographs everywhere. I will walk by somewhere and either think to myself I need to come back to take a photo or now with my handy dandy iPhone I will photograph it right away. Back in the day, while deciding what I should go to school for, a friend made an amazing suggestion which baffled me at the time. He said “Why don’t you go to school for photography”. It kind of didn’t make sense (but did make sense at the same time). I mean I really loved photography, can you go to school for something you enjoy that much? This attitude I suppose shows my feelings towards school at the time. You go to learn what you have to not what you love to do.

I first fell in love with looking at photographs. My mom had a cardboard box in the garage filled with photos. Some in albums, others loose and some in those sleeves you get from the store. Every so often when the feeling would strike me I would bring this box in the house and set about looking at the very same photos I’d already looked at more times than I could remember.

My motivation is really how happy photography makes me. I love capturing the beauty of life. Whether my subject are objects, animals or people, each have their own beauty that deserve the time I take to document them. When you were a child were you ever told “Take a picture is lasts longer”? Though said sarcastically by others I believe this to be inherently true and I suppose I have taken it to heart.

This blog is to share my photographic work as well as things in my life that inspire me that I just happened to photograph. My iPhone also has a blog (I apparently like to personify things a bit too much). But I figure life is short and should be fun:).

Here are some little known facts about me that make up who I am:

I love to laugh (I seek standup comedy and shows like Modern Family and the Office like an addict)

My first language was French.

I lived in Europe  until I was six years old

I’ve lived in Massachusetts, California, Texas and North Carolina (my favorite is California…shhh)

I’ve served in the Air Force

I am not an American Citizen (and yes you can do the above without citizenship for the first 4 yrs)

My favorite season is Spring

I’m a cat person but one day will also have a dog

I love African Elephants

I want to visit Africa to see Elephants in their natural habitat

I love seafood…a lot

My favorite drink has bubbles

I love latin music

I believe there is no better feeling than a plane taking off the ground

My name means wisdom in Greek (still waiting for that to kick in)

I just recently got into creating DIY items…so fun (it’s like craft time for a child)

Travel is a perpetual goal of mine and I like it best in Europe

And to cap off way more details about me than anyone should have to know, here is a photo of me taking a photo of myself in a strange mirror sculpture in Charlotte, NC

This next photo is my personal favorite. It was taken when I was 10 by my older sister. That spirit is still hidden in there under all the years of adult;)



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